Natural Born Killers Print

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A print reproduction of Natural Born Killers, 1994, designed by Dawn Baillie.

This poster for the cult film Natural Born Killers was created out of a photoshoot Dawn Baillie art directed in Chicago while the movie was being shot at Joliet Prison. Between takes, the actors would rush over to a makeshift soundstage in costume and pose for the photographers. No action shots or unit photography was used. 

Dawn’s approach to this image is similar to her treatment of Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs; both incorporate a mezzotint photograph with a pop of color around the eyes. Dawn’s original type treatment for this version of the poster looked more like that of a newspaper headline; however, the client wanted it to feel more like a tabloid and changed it. The billing block was also set at an angle to imply that this was an action film—a stylistic choice that would be adopted by many designers of film posters over the next decade.

Measures 17 x 11 inches. Ships rolled.

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