Pentagram: Living by Design

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Five years in the making, Pentagram: Living by Design (two volumes) is the definitive statement on fifty years of Pentagram, the world's largest independent design consultancy, and an in-depth survey of the group from its beginnings in 1970s London to its current status as one of the powerhouses of international design.

Book one, The Biography, offers a comprehensive analysis of the group, its partners, its achievements, its multidisciplinary approach and its unique business model. This is accompanied by a plethora of images (some never published), a visual essay of Pentagram’s work across four main sectors, a selection of partners' writings, a Pentagram family tree, and much more.

Book two, The Directory, has profiles of fifty partners, past and present, accompanied by extensive coverage of their work. It’s a stellar roll call: from the five famous founders to some of the most celebrated names in contemporary design. It also includes a list of everyone who worked in the firm’s various offices.

Both books are designed by Tony Brook and the Spin design team. Written by Adrian Shaughnessy. Published by Thames & Hudson in 2023. 2 hardcover volumes in a slipcase, measures 11x 8.6. x 4.1 inches, 1,392 pages. ISBN 9780500027462

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