Dubonnet Lenticular Postcard

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This flip-animated lenticular postcard brings together A.M. Cassandre's famous triptych, Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet, 1932.

This poster series is one of the masterpieces of Art Deco advertising, combining bold graphics with humor and visual narrative. It proved so effective and popular that numerous other formats and scenarios were released, including a 1956 reprint of the final panel for the Danish market.

The brilliance of the three posters lies in the marriage of image with text. As the figure partakes in a glass of Dubonnet (a fortified wine still produced today), both he and the lettering become more colorful. By reading only the shaded parts of the brand’s name in each panel and pronouncing them phonetically, a narrative forms that matches the visuals. First, there is du beau (looks good) while he is questioning the beverage; then, as he begins to drink it, he deems it du bon (tastes good); finally, upon finishing a glass and starting to pour another, the brand’s complete name is announced.

Born to French parents in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Cassandre moved to Paris to study painting. He got his start in the Hachard printing office, introducing his interpretation of Modernism to the world through advertising.

Manufactured for Poster House by L.M. Kartenvertreib. Measures 5.83 x 4.13 inches.

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