The Games of the XX Olympiad Munch 1972: Guidelines and Standards for the Visual Design

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A reissue of the design manual for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games in its original 4-ring binder format. This facsimile edition is printed in German but there is a separate booklet with the texts in English, French, and Spanish. 

Almost a quarter of a century after the end of National Socialism in Germany, Otl Aicher was commissioned to design the "cheerful" Olympic Games in Munich 1972. He systematically and scientifically approached this task and liberated visual communication from national pathos by reducing it to the essential in the Bauhaus sense: the use. The manual, completed in 1967, contains a flexible system of colors, forms, and fonts on twenty-two fold-out sheets that enabled Aicher's team and partners to "play freely" and saved "unnecessary preparatory work and time-consuming detailed decisions." The outcome of more than 100 areas of design allowed him to create a wide-ranging identity-forming effect, while also setting new standards in corporate design.

Facsimile edition published by Niggli in 2019. 4-ring binder in cardboard slipcase, measures 12.9 x 10.5 x 1.6 inches, 44 pages. ISBN 9783721209990

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