Studio Cooke John: Connecting Home, 2022

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Explore the heartbeat of New York through the eyes of leading designers. The third An Ode to NYC poster series is curated by NYCxDESIGN and exhibited throughout the city. A portion of the proceeds is donated to Design Advocates, a cooperative network of independent architecture and design practices who collaborate on projects that serve the greater good. 

Connecting Home by Studio Cooke John. From the designer: "New York City is definitely an unparalleled phenomenon. However, would it ever be possible to pinpoint one singular cause of this phenomenon? Probably Not. The magic that transpires before our collective eyes is a combination of myriad distinct layers: sounds, smells, textures, interactions, anecdotes, memories and more, that coalesce into the most unforeseeable networks. This bustling metropolis, which also doubles as a gigantic melting pot, is where people from all over the world have carved tiny niches for themselves. While setting foot here for the first time might be overwhelming, and the idea of moving away from the familiarity of home might be daunting at best, and gritty and uncomfortable at worst, this city has the ability to transform through time into a reflection of home in the truest sense of the word."

Printed on an HP 6-Color Latex Ink machine on HP Semi-Matte 9-Mil Premium Poster Paper. Measures 24 x 18 inches, individually cut by hand. Ships rolled.

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