Post No Bills Tote Bag

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Whether you love or hate wild postings, this Poster House exclusive "Post No Bills" tote bag is a charming homage to the New York City streetscape. 

Wild posting, or flyposting, is a guerrilla marketing practice where posters are applied via wheatpaste to construction site walls and sidewalk sheds. Unlike bus shelter or subway posters, wheatpaste posters are not regulated or scheduled, so they will often accumulate on top of one another until gravity takes its toll and the whole stack peels off, leaving a fresh canvas.

The phrase "Post No Bills" is frequently stenciled (often in vain) onto construction walls or sidewalk sheds to prevent wild posting. Per New York City law, these plywood panels are always painted hunter green.

Cotton tote. Measures 15.5 x 15 inches with 26 inch handles.

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