Michael De Feo: Out of Fashion

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For close to thirty years, artist Michael De Feo has been creating works on the streets in cities around the world. A key gifted to him in 2015 gave him access to the advertising vitrines in New York City bus stop shelters which would unknowingly set him on a path of employing the fashion ads found within as the substrate for his paintings. “Taking over” these large printed images has occupied part of his studio practice since.

Out of Fashion explores De Feo’s flower paintings made specifically for installation inside these ad spaces, as well as the body of work created directly on the glossy fashion ads that he removed (and sometimes reinstalled) from the bus stop shelters.  De Feo is intrigued by these manufactured versions of beauty and through the action of painting, he reacts to, examines, deconstructs, and transforms each underlying campaign poster.

An important part of his oeuvre, Out of Fashion examines De Feo’s conversations between paint and the printed image. 

Published by Poster House on the occasion of the 2022 exhibition, Masked Vigilantes on Silent Motorbikes. Essay by the exhibition’s curator, RJ Rushmore.

Embossed clothbound cover, measures 13 x 10 inches, 52 color pages, printed in the USA in 2022. 

Printed in an edition of 500. Signed by the artist. Please limit 2 copies to household.

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