LaserWriter II

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LaserWriter II is a coming-of-age tale set in the legendary 90s indie NYC Mac repair shop TekServe. TekServe's final location on 119 W 23rd St is now the home of yours truly—Poster House. The novel is a voyage back in time to when the internet was new, when New York City was gritty, and when Apple made off-beat computers for weirdos. Our guide is Claire, a 19-year-old who barely speaks to her bohemian co-workers, but knows when it’s time to snap on an antistatic bracelet.

Tamara Shopsin brings us a classically New York novel that couldn’t feel more timely. Interweaving the history of digital technology with a tale both touchingly human and delightfully technical, Shopsin brings an idiosyncratic cast of characters to life with a light touch, a sharp eye, and an unmistakable voice.

Filled with pixelated philosophy and lots of printers, LaserWriter II is, at its heart, a parable about an apple.

Tamara Shopsin is a renowned illustrator, graphic designer, writer, part-time cook, and co-owner of the distinctly New York eatery Shopsin's.

Published by MCD in 2021. Hardcover, measures 7.5 x 5 x 0.8 inches, 224 pages. ISBN 9780374602574


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