Diagramming Modernity: Books and Graphic Design in Latin America, 1920–1940

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This massive publication offers the first comprehensive panorama of the Latin American illustrated book between the 1920s and 1940s, a period characterized by the rapid modernization of the region. The books reproduced here encapsulate this transformative era, expressing and embodying emergent national and continental narratives in Latin American countries.

Diagramming Modernity reproduces more than 1,000 illustrated first editions, analyzing the cornucopia of cultural narratives they contain. In addition to showcasing relatively unknown work by many consecrated artists, the publication also boasts an extensive repertoire of avant-garde artists largely forgotten until today. Chapters are devoted to countries and to specific themes such as Word-Image, Verbal Visualities, Pre-Columbianisms and Ancestralisms, and Social and Political Graphics. 

Edited by Rodrigo Gutiérrez Viñuales and Riccardo Boglione, text by Juan Manuel Bonet, Mariana Garone Gravier, and Dafne Cruz Porchini. Published by RM/Ediciones La Bahía in 2023. Hardcover, measures 12.3 x 9 inches, 876 pages. ISBN 9788417975791

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