Cotta & Los Libros Del Mirasol

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Juan Ángel Cotta (1920–1962) was a talented young artist from Buenos Aires that charmed art critics from across the globe with his personal graphic style. In 1959, Cotta was entrusted with the design of almost 120 book-covers for the series Los Libros del Mirasol (the Books of the Sunflower). This series comprised authors from the four corners of the world such as Faulkner, Pirandello, Oscar Wilde, Anatole France and others. Los Libros del Mirasol was extremely successful, not only in Argentina but in the whole of Latin America and Spain.

In the words of Steven Heller: “Cotta’s work, especially a collection of hardback books he illustrated in 1960 under the series title 'Los Libros del Mirasol' is one of the missing links between South American publishing and the European modernist traditions.”

Cotta & Los Libros del Mirasol explores Cotta’s work like never before. Showcased together in one single volume for the first time, the book covers he designed reveal the visual universe he constructed between 1959 and 1962.

The book contains 103 color plates reproduced from high-res photographs of the original book covers, bound in cloth, with a 3 PMS ink dust jacket and a custom packaging. With a foreword by Steven Heller.

Published by Flecha Books in 2021. Text in English and Spanish. Hardcover, measures 11 x 7 inches, 176 pages. ISBN 9781733702300

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