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For the past 26 years, Craig Frazier has been illustrating the stories and communication of American business. 18 years prior to that (1978-1996), Craig was a graphic designer working for the most prestigious companies in technology, the arts, and furniture.

This book presents over 405 illustrations and sketches curated from a career spanning over 40 years. Respected by design peers and leaders in business, Frazier’s illustrations connect two often disparate audiences with wit, metaphor, and unabashed simplicity. Incorporated are several essays by Frazier on his upbringing and love of drawing, the transition from designer to illustrator, the computer, the business of illustrating, and myriad stories of how—and why—he makes the work that he makes.

Through essays and illustration, Drawn shows Frazier’s career of work as a designer then an illustrator. He reveals in personal detail the principles and underpinnings of that work. Frazier talks about the business of illustration and his early plan he had to secure the right clientele and the style that he was formulating. He describes his commitment to create conceptual illustrations that are embedded with visual riddles, incongruities and wit designed to intrigue the reader—the style he is recognized for. Drawn is a deeply personal journey through Frazier’s creative career. His candor in word and work is equally inspiring and entertaining.

Written by Craig Frazier. Published by ORO Editions in 2024. Hardcover, measures 10.3 x 7.8 inches, 276 pages. ISBN 9781957183916

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