Cinephile: A Card Game

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With 150 cards and multiple ways to play, this stylish and addictive card game is the perfect choice for everyone from casual movie-goers to bona fide film nerds.

A well-crafted mix of sleek design, pop culture, and film, this game is sure to be a hit at your next movie night, game night, or even as an icebreaker for your new book club. The game offers multiple ways to play and win, from naming more films an actor has appeared in than your fellow movie nerds, to naming more actors in a film, and much more! With multiple levels of difficulty, Cinephile will have you and your friends racking your brains for Sean Connery’s lesser-known films, Cate Blanchett’s filmography, and Steve Buscemi’s most memorable cameos.

Created by Cory Everett and illustrated by Steve Isaacs. Published by Clarkson Potter in 2019. Measures 5.6 x 3.7 x 2.4 inches. ISBN 9781984825575

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