Centered: People and Ideas Diversifying Design

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As the design industry reexamines its emphasis on Eurocentric ideologies and wrestles with its conventional practices, Centered advocates for highlighting and giving a voice to the people, places, methods, ideas, and beliefs that have been eclipsed or excluded by dominant design movements.

Curated by Kaleena Sales, a powerful voice and noted advocate for diversity in the design community, the thirteen essays and interviews in this volume feature important and underrepresented design work and projects, both historical and present-day, including:

Gee’s Bend Quilters, by Stephen Child and Isabella D’Agnenica

A Chinese Typographic Archive, by YuJune Park and Caspar Lam 

Indigenous Sovereignty and Design: An Interview with Sadie Red Wing (Her Shawl is Yellow)

The Truck Art of India, by Shantanu Suman

New Lessons from the Bauhaus: An Interview with Ellen Lupton 

Vocal Type: An Interview with Tré Seals

Decolonizing Graphic Design, A Must, by Cheryl D. Miller 

Filled with striking visuals from a range of global designers, Centered is a must-read and must-have for design practitioners, educators, students, and anyone interested in expanding narratives and gaining a more inclusive understanding of design diversity and its impact on culture.

Published by Princeton University Press in 2023. Paperback, measures 9 x 5.7 inches, 192 pages. ISBN 9781797223629

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