At the Moulin Rouge Enamel Pin

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Enamel pin inspired by At the Moulin Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Toulouse-Lautrec was a French artist and designer who immersed himself in the bohemian scene of urban modern Paris, his artworks inspired by the theatrical, elegant, and sometimes provocative experiences he encountered. His lodgings in the Montmartre district allowed him to establish a close relationship with the infamous Moulin Rouge cabaret, a site that he painted several times. One such painting At the Moulin Rouge (1892-1895) depicts a group of men and women sitting around a table in the midground, while dancers primp in the background. The most jarring part of the painting is the woman’s face in the lower right corner, cut off by the composition’s edge. She stares out at the viewer and is garishly lit by an artificial light below, creating the appearance of a sallow, unearthly skin tone. Rather than painting a scene of decadent performance, Toulouse-Lautrec chose to represent a less glamorous moment, revealing the delightfully seedy side of the cabaret.

Manufactured by Pin Museum. Measures 1.15 x 1.3 inches. Single posted.

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