Angela Davis: Seize the Time

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Inspired by a private archive and featuring contemporary work by artists who acknowledge the continued relevance of Angela Davis’ experience and politics, the essays, interviews, and images of Angela Davis: Seize the Time provide a compelling and layered narrative of her journey through the junctures of race, gender, economic, and political policy.

Beginning in 1970 with her arrest in connection with a courtroom shootout, then moving through her trial and acquittal, the book traces Davis’ life and work during the subsequent decades and her influential career as a public intellectual. Profusely illustrated with materials found in the archive, including press coverage, photographs, court sketches, videos, music, writings, correspondence, and Davis’ political writings, the book also features interviews with Angela Davis and Lisbet Tellefsen, the archivist who collected those materials, as well as essays that touch on visibility and invisibility, history, memory, and the iconography of black radical feminism.

Edited by Gerry Beegan and Donna Gustafson. Published by the Zimmerli Art Museum in 2020. Hardcover, measures 10.4 x 9.1 x 0.9 inches, 200 pages. ISBN 9783777435749

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