The Printmaking Bible: The Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques

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Perfect for students and casual and professional artists, with lots of great reference information for print collectors as well, this is the ultimate guide to the ins and outs of every variety of printmaking practiced today.

In addition to in-depth step-by-step instructions, The Printmaking Bible features artist profiles that take you behind the scenes to show how professionals in the field create their work. You'll also find historical information on printmaking techniques, troubleshooting tips, and an extensive resource section. The revised edition includes new and original material, bringing it up to date with the latest methods and technologies utilized all over the world.

Written by Ann d'Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris. Revised edition published by Chronicle in 2023. Hardcover, measures 10.2 x 9 inches, 416 pages. ISBN 9781797221601

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