Sky High!: A Soaring History of Aviation

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Sky High! introduces you to a whole ensemble of scientists, inventors, and builders: those from the distant past, such as Leonardo da Vinci and the Montgolfier brothers; those closer to the present, such as the Wright brothers or Otto Lilienthal; and current innovators, who have new, amazing ideas. You will also discover how brilliant inventions and iconic machines were created and learn about breakthrough moments in the development of aviation.

In this book you will meet brave aviators, daring aerial circus performers, and test pilots; see how a jet engine operates, how aircraft- carrier staff work, and how it feels to travel in an airship; and even see the cockpit of a fighter jet and if it’s possible to build an airplane in a garage!

In an accessible and funny format, readers will learn the answers to important questions such as: How do planes not fall from the sky? How does a radar or parachute work? Are wings or rotors better?

The fascinating history of aviation is a story of countless ups and downs, proving that even the wildest dream can become a reality. It’s time to fasten your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff!

Written and illustrated by Jacek Ambrozewski. Published by Thames & Hudson in 2024. Hardcover, measures 14.8 x 11 x 0.7 inches, 112 pages. ISBN 9780500653418

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