Red Star Linie Print

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A print of Red Star Linie/Antwerpen, 1893, by Carl Saltzmann.

The original poster depicts one of Red Star Line’s most famous vessels, the Westernland. Built in 1883, the ship was the company's first to incorporate a steel hull, two funnels, and three different classes of passenger accommodation. The Red Star Line ran regularly scheduled crossings between Belgium and the United States until 1934, when the company went bankrupt. Both Albert Einstein and Irving Berlin immigrated to the United States aboard one of its vessels. This advertisement was intended to encourage immigration rather than tourism to New York City. As the image predates New York’s famous skyline, it incorporates the city’s two most recognizable landmarks at the time: the Statue of Liberty (officially opened in October 1886) and the Brooklyn Bridge (opened in May 1883).​ Between 1873 and 1934, almost two million passengers came to the United States on the Red Star Line, the majority from Germany and Eastern Europe.

Measures 15.25 x 11 inches. Ships rolled.

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