New York Central Building Print

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A print of New York Central Building, 1930, by Chesley Bonestell

Before Grand Central Terminal was completed in 1913, the area between 45th and 48th Streets was an exposed trainyard. To create the terminal, extensive excavation allowed the tracks, platforms, and train shed to be constructed underground, while the area above ground could be developed, a commercial urban project referred to as “Terminal City.” Numerous hotels (including the Biltmore, the Commodore, and the still-extant Roosevelt), and a post office, in addition to apartment and office buildings were included in this ambitious new plan. The New York Central Building (known today as the Helmsley Building) straddles Park Avenue and was built on the area above the Grand Central trainyard. Constructed between 1927 and 1929, it was the corporate seat of the railroad company and the last significant addition to Terminal City.

Measures 17 x 11 inches. Ships rolled.

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