Look Up!: New York City

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This book is an architecture book, an activity book, a history book, and an art book all rolled into one—it explores the rich and fascinating world of building in New York City. It is designed to be an on-the-go, fun and informative architecture book. Use it to learn, explore, create and color. It is filled with great drawing and doodling activities for kids and teens as well as beautiful images, architecture detailing and fun historical facts that will inspire everyone.

LOOK UP!: New York City provides a guide for exciting neighborhood walking tours; fun maps are included to enhance observation and learning. The carefully chosen neighborhoods and buildings identify the different types of architecture that evidence the culture, life, and character for that area of the city. This book will help kids identify architectural drawings, understand building design, develop drawing skills, and recognize architectural details. It will help readers consider architecture in its environment, its impact on our world and its place in history, and will also inspire all readers to sketch building ideas and details in a fun and creative process.

Written by Lauren Rubin. Published by ORO Editions in 2019. Paperback, measures 9 x 12 inches, 76 pages. Grades 3 to 12. ISBN 9781943532179

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