Great Fashion Designs of the Twenties Paper Dolls

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Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, the "Lost Generation", the illustrations by John Held, Jr., the "It" girl, Lucky Lindy, Louis Brooks, seemingly endless prosperity, and the inevitable crash. The twenties loom large in the American imagination as a decade unto itself, a brief span of years, but with a style all its own.

In this paper doll collection, noted fashion illustrator Tom Tierney brings back the style that set the twenties apart, at least in terms of haute couture. Here are the fashions that gave the decade its distinctive chic and, in the process, revolutionized women's wear. Gone is the elaborate corsetry of the Edwardian age, waistlines are lower, hemlines are higher and costume jewelry is de rigueur. 30 meticulously re-created costumes and 2 dolls (15 costumes per doll) present the voguish looks established by such haute couture legends as Coco Chanel, Jean Patou, Madeleine Vionnet, Paul Poiret, Madame Paquin, Worth, Lelong, and 11 others. Paper doll collectors, costume fanciers, and fashion historians will appreciate this delightful collection of artfully rendered paper dolls and costumes.

Illustrated by Tom Tierney. Published by Dover in 1983. Measures 11 x 8.3 inches, 32 pages. ISBN 9780486244822

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