Victor Moscoso Notebook

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This lined notebook features The Chambers Brothers, 1967, by Victor Moscoso

The original poster is from Moscoso's iconic Neon Rose series, created for the Chambers Brothers' 1967 shows at The Matrix in San Francisco. The visible printing dots on the close-up portrait and the intense color hues compel the viewer to look closer.

A particularly American phenomenon, the psychedelic style (1966–72) emerged on the West Coast and quickly became a signifier of youth counterculture. Inspired by the use of hallucinogens, the designs combine contrasting colors with nearly illegible, swirling text—supposedly best viewed when high. In many cases, the compositions are so complex that some viewers cannot decipher them at first glance, bucking the idea that posters must be instantly and universally comprehensible. Many of the artists also draw on Art Nouveau and Victorian motifs. Contrary to popular myth, all of these posters were printed using photo-offset lithography—the cheapest method of mass printing at the time.

Designed and printed by Laughing Elephant in Seattle, WA. Paperback, measures 7.25 x 5.5 inches, 24 lined pages. ISBN 9781514916926

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