The World's Best Typography: The 44th Annual of the Type Directors Club

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The World’s Best Typography: The Yearbook of the Type Directors Club of NY (published for the first time 1980) is a bible of inspiration for typography practitioners and enthusiasts. Within its pages, top creatives as well as publishers and students can find role models, fresh trends, inspiring content and new sources of inspiration.

Readers will be inspired by the intersection of craftsmanship and creation, of classical skills and trailblazing innovations. Here, trends are identified and set, as the around 750 illustrations, 263 awarding-winning designs from 39 countries and 46 new fonts presented clearly illustrate. Designers from all over the world compete to appear in the book. Previously divided into two competitions, one each for Communications Design and Typeface Design, the program is now a single competition consisting of three disciplines: Type Design, Typography and, for the first time, Lettering, which has its own jury. The Award for Typographic Excellence is the ticket to the best agencies in the world.

Edited by the Type Directors Club of New York. Published by Hoaki in 2024. Hardcover, measures 11 x 8.3 inches, 270 pages. ISBN 9788419220523

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