Scott Albrecht: In Time

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Typography is an inherently connecting art form serving as a bridge between an author and a viewer. However, much of today’s use of typography is intended for quick consumption meant to match a shortened attention span, enabling transient behaviors of communication and interaction.

While the work of Scott Albrecht is largely informed by typography, its aim is to reconsider the relationship between message and viewer. He believes a message is not about reading, but finding meaning. In his works, letterforms are abstracted and reconstructed creating a space for the viewer to more intentionally engage with a message through alternate means of form, color, sentiment, exploration, and introspection in the hope of creating a deeper personal connection.

In Time is a curated selection of Scott Albrecht's works from 2017-2021 in several media, spotlighting exhibitions by the Brooklyn-based artist in New York, Los Angeles, and a residency in Portugal. Featuring an introduction by writer, editor, and Grammy-winner David Pescovitz, essays by Jeroen Smeets, Biljana Puric, and an interview with Hashimoto Contemporary gallery director Jennifer Rizzo.

Offset printed limited edition, signed by the artist. Hardcover, measures 11 x 8.5 inches, 180 pages.  ISBN 9780578283470

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