Arno and the MiniMachine

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Two hundred years in the future, Arno’s pre-programmed, machine-controlled day takes an unexpected turn when nature intercedes. Arno wakes each morning when his personalized “MiniMachine” tells him it’s time. The MiniMachine squawks at him all day: “Eat your Instant Mealtime,” “Wait for the school jet,” “Go to your electric tuba lesson,” “Do not step off the Power Path." But Arno’s curiosity and a little yellow bird lead Arno off his pre-programmed track. Seymour Chwast’s illustrations, including his Seuss-like mechanical inventions, are both charmingly old-fashioned and presciently futuristic. A gentle corrective to our infatuation with electronics, Arno and the MiniMachine is a sweet reminder of the joy of nature and following one’s own path.

Published by Triangle Square in 2019, hardcover, measures 12 x 9 inches, 32 pages. ISBN 9781609808792.

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