Zaida Rose: We Belong - In Unity Poster

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This poster, by Zaida Rose, expresses that everyone deserves the right to live with dignity and respect, regardless of the faith they follow and how they choose to dress. The simple act of wearing a hijab results in constantly having to prove ones humanity and ones identity. It's time to bring down those walls and replace it with sisterhood and solidarity.

Zaida Rose is an art therapist and photographer who explores the world in her work as well as through her personal identity and building empathy. 

Du-Good in Unity makes open edition posters to exemplify unified action and positivity. Founders, Leslie Diuguid and Erin Lynn Welsh, annually select women artists to publish works that promote equality. Proceeds raised through print sales go to the artists’ charity of choice.

Du-Good In Unity launched during the January 2018 Women’s March, one year after the inauguration of Donald Trump. Holding a Du-Good in Unity poster at a march or rally means that you support non-profits through the power of art created by women.

One color screenprint on 100 lb French cover by Du-Good Press. Measures 20 x 16 inches.

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