Tight Tams

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This spacious and chic tote is the first original Chop Suey Club merchandise ever produced! Inspired by NYC Chinatown's grocery store graphics, you can earn your NYC bragging rights with this one. Features a pocket inside to store all your goodies in. 

  • 3 kinds
  • black, red, pink
  • jade pendants
  • 100% polyester

Chop Suey Club (f. ) is a boutique store in downtown NYC focusing on contemporary Chinese design, arts & culture. Procuring design products from young Chinese creatives around the world, the store strives to showcase seasonal rotations of items for diverse lifestyles. In their own words: "We believe the best way to dissipate xenophobia is to make your own culture more accessible to others. Chop Suey Club is an effort to open up contemporary Chinese culture to a larger audience." Follow them on Instagram @chop_suey_club!

I’ve been obsessed with the iconic Chinese floral fabric that comes from Northeast China. This print comes in many different shades and patterns and can often be seen as a motif for upholstery, bedcovers and clothing worn by middle-aged Chinese women. 

As a gay boy, I've always been closer to my mom and my aunties. I spent a lot of time with them and were inspired by their sense of fashion. So, this style is a homage to the matriarchs that rule and empower gay boys like me to head into the world, baring it all. Red is the signature colour for this print. 

To continue the Chinese design narrative, I’ve attached jade aglets – which I purchased from the Jade Market in Hong Kong – to ends of drawstring. It’s an elevated detail and each swim brief comes with their own unique jade aglets.

Fit: The swim briefs are on the tighter and more revealing side. So say you usually wear an S (29-31in) - If you've got a more luscious bum, try an M, unless you wanna show off, which we fully support.

Care Instructions: Soak in water mixed with a light detergent or hand soap. Rinse the soap away and squeeze the water out gently without excessive twisting. Then hang dry. 

The jade and ceramic aglets are delicate, so don't swing them against hard surfaces. Also, make sure the pieces don't get caught in the drain when washing or in other similar openings.

Material: 100% polyester

Designer: tight tams  is a swimwear brand conceived in Los Angeles, born in Hong Kong, nurtured in New York. It is a gay Asian dream boy anime fantasy mixed with queer, twink, femme vibes.


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