The Speech Writer by Bani Abidi

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The Speech Writer is a fictional documentary presented in the form of ten flip books. It follows a retired political speech writer who has become an idiosyncratic recluse, surrounded by his vast collection of speeches. His connection to the outside world takes the form of a daily broadcast from his home. We cannot hear him speak but witness instead a moment of ultimate freedom in the life of a man who formulated the rhetoric, visions, dreams, and declarations of others.

Raking Leaves Publishing is an award-winning artist book publisher based in Sri Lanka. Their work is notable for a rigorous conceptual nature, supported by complicated and unique book binding. 

Written by Bani Abidi. Published by Raking Leaves Publishing in 2011. Sewn bound flip books in hardcover box, measures 11 x 9.75 inches, 700 pages. ISBN 9780955667442

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