The Art of Peter Max

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A comprehensive retrospective of Peter Max, illustrating the artist's life and prolific career through his works in lavish color. This hard-cover coffee table book includes 350 full-color images, many previously unpublished, including multiple pull-out pages.

Published by Harry N. Abrams Books in 2002. Hardcover, measures 12.12 x 10.88 x 1.22 inches. 

Peter Max is the most commercially successful pop artist to emerge from the psychedelic period of the 1960s. His fantastical, colorful designs have emboldened everything from bedsheets to the body of a Boeing 777, with prestigious clients like the Grammy Awards, the Super Bowl, the NHL All-Star Game, World Cup USA, the New York City Marathon, and even the Manhattan Yellow Pages commissioning his particular brand of whimsy.

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