Telephone Tales

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Every night, at nine o'clock, wherever he is, Mr. Bianchi, an accountant who often has to travel for work, calls his daughter and tells her a bedtime story. But since it's still the 20th-century world of payphones, each story has to be told in the time that a single coin will buy.

Gianni Rodari's Telephone Tales comprises seventy short stories, with one for each phone call. Each story takes place in a different place and a different time, with unconventional characters and a wonderful mix of reality and fantasy. One night, it's a carousel so beloved by children that an old man finally sneaks on to understand why, and as he sails above the world, he does. Or, it's a land filled with butter men, roads paved with chocolate, or a young shrimp who has the courage to do things in a different way from what he's supposed to do. 

Published by Enchanted Lion Books. Hardcover, measures 9.5 x 6 inches, 212 pages. ISBN 9781592702848.

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