Poster House is proud to house a collection of over 9,000 original posters, both on display and in our archive. We define a poster as a public-facing notice that uses a combination of word and image to persuade, entertain, or inform. A poster is only an original if it is from the first run, printed from the original lithographic stone, zinc plate, or silkscreen stencil.

We are just as passionate about posters at the store, so we do not sell reproductions of the work Poster House owns or exhibits. However, we do stock a vibrant sampling of both classic, collectable posters and lesser-known, contemporary works created by artists and designers across a variety of fields.

We also work with a wide array of artists and designers to publish posters for our events, exhibitions, and projects. These Poster House originals will only ever be made once and will always use an original design, in keeping with the mission of our museum. They will also always be a lot of fun, so get them while you can!

We are most excited about educating our visitors on how posters fit into the world of art collections. While we want the Poster House Shop to be a resource for great posters and information about collecting posters, we are not a poster dealer or gallery, and we will be happy to direct our guests to respected places where they can start or expand upon an amazing poster collection of their own.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss our posters in more detail and get references for additional poster sources.

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