She Sells Sea Shells: World Class Tongue Twisters

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It won’t only be the words that get readers tongue-tied. These wacky, witty, and wonderful illustrations by Seymour Chwast will have everyone speechless with delight! Chwast, the artist and co-founder of Pushpin Studios, had an enormous influence on design and illustration everywhere. Now, he brings his unique perspective to some of the most entertaining tongue-twisters ever. No one will be able to resist the challenge of trying to wrap his or her tongue around such twisters as “Giddy gladiators grow gladiolas” and “If Shep chews shoes what shoes will he choose?” 

Published by Applesauce Press in 2008, hardcover, measures 10 x 10 inches, 64 pages. ISBN 9781604330090.

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