Five Metal Shop 2020 Calendar from Chop Suey Club

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Chop Suey Club at Poster House Product special!

Created by Five Metal Shop from Taiwan, this 2020 calendar is a modern take on the traditional Chinese calendars. The calendar includes a regular calendar, lunar calendar, 24 solar terms, sun-rise sun-set time, moon phase, and a cool unique graphic for each day. 

The calendar is packaged in a re-usable Tyvek shopping bag. 

Measurement: 18.4 cm x 12.3 cm / 7.24 in x 4.84 in

-385 pages
-100% manual binding
-Super fine 30gsm paper (0.05mm thickness each page)
-More than 85 illustrations for special days like New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas were created 

Note: Graphics are neon colored but do not glow in the dark

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