Extreme Canvas

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Extreme Canvas: Hand-Painted Movie Posters from Ghana, the first volume of Ernie Wolfe III’s Extreme Canvas books, showcases 350 full-color reproductions of hand-painted Ghanaian movie posters. A selection from his prodigious collection was loaned to Poster House for our exhibition Baptized by Beefcake: The Golden Age of Hand-Painted Movie Posters from Ghana. The book’s essays recount the rise and fall of the mobile cinema tradition in Ghana, as well as the enduring hold these posters have over the contemporary art world. With contributions by African art scholar Roy Sieber, art historian Paul Hayes Tucker, poet and critic John Yau, and Hollywood horror auteur Clive Barker, among many others, readers are able to experience just how far reaching these posters have become.

  • Soft cover
  • 296 pages
  • Published by Dilettante Press

Ernie Wolfe III is the owner and founder of Ernie Wolfe Gallery in Los Angeles. He specializes in collecting and dealing African art. He began collecting hand-painted Ghanaian movie posters in 1951 when he saw them on buildings in the streets of Ghana. 

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