Chinatown Tote from Chop Suey Club

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This spacious and chic tote is the first original Chop Suey Club merchandise ever produced! Inspired by NYC Chinatown's grocery store graphics, you can earn your NYC bragging rights with this one. Features a pocket inside to store all your goodies in. 

  • 14 x 12 inches
  • comes in 3 designs: black & purple, black & yellow, black & orange
  • screen-printed on canvas tote
  • text reads "Jumbo Duck", "Roasted Pig" and "Beef Tripe" in English and Chinese

Chop Suey Club (f. ) is a boutique store in downtown NYC focusing on contemporary Chinese design, arts & culture. Procuring design products from young Chinese creatives around the world, the store strives to showcase seasonal rotations of items for diverse lifestyles. In their own words: "We believe the best way to dissipate xenophobia is to make your own culture more accessible to others. Chop Suey Club is an effort to open up contemporary Chinese culture to a larger audience." Follow them on Instagram @chop_suey_club!


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