Black Fragrance

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This scent simply titled BLACK is part of a line of perfumes by FOLIE à PLUSIEURS created as part of a site specific olfactive installation for MATTE PROJECTS. Developed with the concept of conjuring ghosts in an abandoned warehouse for their 2018 BLACK NYC event incorporating music, BLACK is an olfactive response to a feeling described by the perfumer as "dark shadows revealed through strobe lights-- moving behind a cloud of fog to the music in an abandoned warehouse." These scents are long-lasting and evolve with time once on. 

  • 50ml bottles, individually hand-painted and sealed in custom plastic encasement
  • comes with 10ml complimentary travel size, not available for individual sale
  • vetiver, cypriol, styrax, sage clary, leather accord, cedarwood, ginger
  • black, grey, lemon yellow
  • designed by perfumer Lucas Sieuzac

FOLIE à PLUSIEURS is an olfactive gallery and perfumery. By using fragrance as a medium for deepening the emotional and kinesthetic engagement of art, their aim is to elevate the cultural value of fragrance and broaden its meaning and relationship to the human experience.

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