Amos Kennedy Mules

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his one-of-a-kind poster was designed and letterpress printed by Amos Kennedy. The outline of a mule appears in the upper register of this poster, accompanied by the phrase, “The more I learn about politics, the more I like mules.” Designed in honor of Gordo, Alabama’s Mule Day, the poster references the mascot of the Democratic party.

Original letterpress poster printed on chipboard with oil-based inks. Measures 12.5 x 19 inches. Ships flat.

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.’s life took a sharp turn after he saw a vintage printing press in action while visiting Colonial Williamsburg. That chance encounter inspired him to change the course of his career, studying and eventually becoming a master letterpress printer.

Unlike so-called “fine printers” who have chosen to embrace letterpress as a precious form of high art, Kennedy’s work doubles down on the democratic and of-the-moment nature of printing. There’s an excitement and urgency present in each piece, resulting in posters that are just as informative as they are visually delightful.

He is best known for his intense use of layering, stacking phrases and words on top of each other until they are abstracted, almost hidden. He deftly mixes wood and metal type alongside handmade pressure prints, linoleum cuts, carved designs, and laser-cut imagery. Visual jokes are plentiful.

The Letterpress Posters of Amos Kennedy (October 8, 2020–January 3, 2021) is the inaugural exhibition of Poster House’s series installed in the entry gallery of the Museum.

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